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  • The Last Enemy
    [dir. Iain B. MacDonald, 2008 - Box-TV/ BBC]

    Benedict Cumberbatch stars in The Last Enemy, a thriller about a man whose search for the truth about his brother's death catapults him into an international conspiracy - and a passionate love affair.

    Also starring Robert Carlyle, David Harewood, Eva Birthistle and Geraldine James, The Last Enemy takes an arresting and compelling look at how technology could transform Britain into a surveillance society - threatening human relationships and destroying trust.
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  • Poppy Shakespeare
    [dir. Benjamin Ross, 2008 - Cowboy Films/ CH4]

    Poppy Shakespeare is a candid look at life from the perspective of a patient on the psychiatric ward of a North London day hospital.

    Naomie Harris (Pirates of the Caribbean, Miami Vice, White Teeth;C4)stars as Poppy Shakespeare, a new and worryingly sane patient who arrives at a North London psychiatric ward dressed up to the nines, insisting that she is not mentally ill.

    Poppy Shakespeare is told through the eyes of N, played by BAFTA award winner Anna Maxwell Martin (Becoming Jane, Bleak House;BBC One), a 13 year veteran of the hospital and self-confessed 'dribbler' who severed links with the outside world many years ago and has since made it her sole ambition never to be released.

    An unlikely friendship blossoms between the pair when N is charged with looking after the new arrival. Although she cannot understand why Poppy is unhappy attending the ward, N agrees to help her make a break for freedom. To qualify for release the pair must first prove that Poppy isn't mad Ė but they quickly find themselves in a catch 22 situation; to prove she is sane she must pretend to be mad.
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  • Reichenbach Falls
    [dir. John McKay, 2007 - BBC]

    DI Buchan is a cop on the edge; Jack Harvey is a successful crime writer with the world at his feet. In Reichenbach Falls the lives of these two former friends are thrown together when a 100-year-old body is discovered beneath the streets of Edinburgh.

    Buchan's murder investigation takes him into the dark Jekyll-and-Hyde underworld of Edinburgh and on a parallel journey into the Scottish capital's literary past. What he uncovers leads him to question his relationship with Harvey and threatens to push Buchan over the brink. Based on an original idea by Ian Rankin.
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  • The Wind in the Willows
    [dir. Rachel Talalay, 2006 - Box-TV/ BBC]

    Toad, Mole, Rat and Badger come to life in a thrilling adventure, featuring an all-star cast as you've never seen them before.

    Shy Mole (Lee Ingleby) leaves his hole one spring and is entranced by the world he discovers along the riverbank. He makes friends with the water-loving Rat, and soon encounters Mr Toad (Matt Lucas), an enthusiastic and mischievous lover of all new things, especially fast cars.

    But Toad's wild ways and his love of motoring get him into serious trouble. With the help of wise old Badger (Bob Hoskins), can the woodland friends come to his aid? Will Toad ever change his ways?

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  • Born Equal
    [dir. Dominic Savage, 2006 - BBC]
    With an all-star cast, Born Equal is a major drama from Bafta-winning writer and director Dominic Savage. The action is centred around a B&B temporarily housing the homeless and dispossessed.

    Mark (Colin Firth) is a wealthy city worker whose conscience and guilt about his luxurious lifestyle prompt him to try to help those less fortunate.

    Staying at the B&B are: Michelle (Anne-Marie Duff), a pregnant mother with a young child, who has escaped an abusive husband, Yemi (David Oyelowo), his wife Itshe (Nikki Amuka-Bird) and their young daughter, Adanna, who have fled the threat of violence in their native Nigeria and Robert (Robert Carlyle), newly released from prison and embarking on a search for his mother.

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  • Sweeney Todd
    [dir. David Moore, 2006 - Box-TV/ BBC]

    Ray Winstone stars as the notorious 'Demon Barber of Fleet Street' in this dark and enthralling tale of love, obsession, murder and ultimately redemption.

    Life on the harsh streets of London in 1765 is not for the faint-hearted and only the fittest survive. Living in the shadow of Newgate Prison, Sweeney Todd tries to carve out a quiet and simple life as a barber. Then, by chance, a sadistic gaoler who made Sweeney's childhood a living hell comes in to his shop for a shave. Sweeney is repelled by the presence of his former abuser, and realises he has a chance to take revenge.

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  • Friends & Crocodiles / Gideon's Daughters
    [dir. Stephen Poliakoff, 2005 - BBC/Talkback]
    Friends and Crocodiles and Gideon's Daughter are two lavish made-for-television movies from award-winning Stephen Poliakoff. Friends and Crocodiles is a panoramic story of the shifting power between a boss and his secretary starring Damian Lewis and Jodhi May.

    Gideon's Daughter is a story of grief and celebrity, set against Tony Blair's election victory and Princess Diana's death starring Bill Nighy as a PR guru and Miranda Richardson as a mother trying to bury her grief after the loss of her young son.

    Both films are a Talkback production for co-producers BBC AMERICA/BBC.

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  • 20,000 Streets Under the Sky
    [dir. Simon Curtis, 2005 - BBC]

    20,000 Streets Under the Sky
    Bryan Dick, ZoŽ Tapper, Sally Hawkins and Phil Davis star in Kevin Elyot's adaptation of Patrick Hamilton's classic trilogy of unrequited love set against the backdrop of Thirties London.

    Revolving around The Midnight Bell, a public house off London's Euston Road, the three-part drama follows the painful pursuit of love from three different perspectives: barman Bob, who yearns for penniless prostitute Jenny; his colleague Ella, torn between the attentions of an older, wealthier man and her secret desire for Bob; and the beautiful but elusive Jenny, forced on to the streets by circumstances and now struggling to keep her head above water.

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  • North and South
    [dir. Brian Percival, 2004 - BBC]

    North and South
    A powerful adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's feisty and passionate love story, set across the social divides in the changing world of Victorian industrial society.

    Margaret Hale is one of literature's most original heroines: a southerner from a country vicarage newly settled in the industrial northern town of Milton.

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  • Shameless: Series 1
    [dirs. Dearbhla Walsh/Jonny Campbell/Mark Mylod, 2003 - Company/CH4]

    The critically acclaimed and brilliantly funny drama from award-winning writer Paul Abbott.

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  • Canterbury Tales (All Episodes)
    [dirs. Andy De Emmony/John MacKay/Mark Munden/Julian Jarrold - 2003, BBC]

    Canterbury Tales
    BAFTA-award winning drama from the BBC. The classic stories in new, modern settings.

    The Miller's Tale: When smooth talking Nick arrives in a flash red sports car, young wannabe pop star Alison thinks that her dreams have come true and incites the jealousy of her husband Dennis Waterman.

    The Wife Of Bath's Tale: Beth Craddock is a TV actress who still believes in Mr. Right, even after a number of failed marriages. But is her dashing co-star, Jerome her soul mate despite their large age difference.

    The Knight's Tale: Ace and Paul are two prisoners who both fall in love with their teacher, Emily and it begins to tear their friendship apart with devastating effect.

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  • 40
    [dir. David Moore, 2003 - Company/CH4]

    Channel 4ís three-part drama '40' is a drifting, surreal story that takes its audience into a bizarre, tragic and uncomfortable sexual and emotional landscape.

    Itís a scarred landscape comprising the intimate conjunctions between the disparate, dissonant lives of seven 40 year-olds. Contemporaries born and bred in Bristol, the threads of their personal stories, tensions and tangential interconnections inexorably draw together at a disturbing school re-union.

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