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  • PDsoundDesign has 5 fully-equipped sound design/editing suites. All rooms are based around Steinberg’s Nuendo digital audio workstation. Each workstation is networked to a central server, which also holds our extensive sound effects library containing a multitude of custom recorded material, bespoke sound design elements as well as a comprehensive selection of the main commercial libraries.

    In addition we have a Sadie PCM4, which we use for conforming from both DAT and the new generation of hard disk multitrack formats, as well as being able to utilise its reconform capabilities.

    The largest room (Edit 5) is equipped with 5.1 monitoring enabling us to pre-mix sound effect elements before we transfer to the re-recording stage for the final mix.

    Each room is also equipped with a large selection of effects plugins and soft synths and samplers (as well as a couple of hardware ones as well) for sound transformation and processing from the subtlest treatment to the most mind bogglingly radical deconstruction.

    For custom sound effects acquisition we have a portable Marantz hard disk recorder, complemented with a full range of microphones including an AKG M/S rig for location recording and a pair of DK miniature microphones for special effects.

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