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  • Paul Davies: Supervising Sound Editor and Senior Sound Designer

    Paul has over 15 years of experience in the film and television industry first as a location sound recordist, then dubbing mixer, sound editor and sound designer. Has become known for a highly creative and innovative approach to film sound design, and for many directors and editors is a valued and trusted collaborator.

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  • Jack Gillies: Supervising Sound Editor/ Sound Designer/ Dialogue Editor

    Jack is always a highly regarded presence on any production, working closely with directors and producers to provide a committed and creative approach to film and television soundtracks. As a supervisor he has been able to tailor make teams for specific projects, offering advice and support in ADR recording and maintaining a very 'hands on' approach to Sound Design/Editing.

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  • Peter Shaw: Assistant Sound Editor

    A friendly and essential part of the PDsoundDesign team, often the first point of contact for clients. Peter is responsible for file and media exchange, workflow and project co-ordination as well as sound editing in his own right.

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        Associate Freelancers

  • Vincent Hazard: Sound Effects Editor and Dialogue Editor

    An experienced sound designer and mixer, Vincent has worked closely with the team on projects such as "Bullet Boy", "The Jacket", and "Mrs Henderson Presents".

  • Keith Marriner: Supervising Sound Editor and Dialogue Editor

    Keith is one of the most respected figures working in sound post production today, a BAFTA-winning dubbing mixer, facility manager and sound editor, he is a valued and reassuring presence on any production.

  • Ian Morgan: Supervising Sound Editor and Dialogue Editor

    After 8 years in Hollywood working as a Supervising Sound Editor on feature films, television series and movies of the week (notably 2 seasons supervising NYPD Blue). Ian has returned to work in the UK, and has worked as Supervising Dialogue Editor on "Alien vs. Predator" as well as co-supervising for PDsoundDesign "North and South", "The Proposition" and "River King".

  • Anna Bertmark: Dialogue Editor and Sound Effects Editor

    Previously a full-time member of PDSoundDesign, Anna has worked with the team on many productions ("Poppy Shakespeare", "Eichmann") as a Dialogue, ADR and Effects editor.

  • Antonia Bates: Supervising Dialogue Editor and Sound Effects Editor

    Antonia has quickly acquired a very high reputation amongst our clients for her creative, calm and diligent approach to her work, whether that is sound effects editing, dialogue editing or adr and sound supervision.

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