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  • Hunger
    [dir. Steve McQueen, 2008 - Blast Films/ Channel4 Films/ Film4]

    Hunger follows life in the Maze Prison, Northern Ireland, with an interpretation of the highly emotive events surrounding the 1981 IRA Hunger Strike.

    Bobby Sands was a towering figure of the Republican movement who had one of the most controversial lives - and deaths - of Northern Ireland's long and troubled history.

    Hunger portrays Sands’ final days before he died in Maze Prison in May 1981, shortly after being elected an MP.

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  • Adulthood
    [dir. Noel Clarke, 2008 - Pathé/ British Film Council]

    2005's acclaimed "Kidulthood" took us deep into London's unseen underbelly, delivering a raw, hard-hitting reflection of what life is like for 21st century teenagers, where sex is currency, drugs are easy to come by and violence is a way of life. Six years after Sam Peel is released from jail for killing Trife, he soon realises that life is no easier on the outside than it was on the inside and he's forced to confront the people he hurt the most. Some have moved on, others are stuck with the repercussions of his actions that night, but one thing's for certain - everyone has been forced to grow up. Through his journey Sam struggles to deal with his sorrow and guilt and something else he didn't expect - those seeking revenge. As he's pursued by a new generation of bad boys, Sam sets about trying to get the message across to his pursuers that they should stop the violence, much like Trife tried to tell him all those years ago. Can Sam stop the cycle of violence and make something positive from the destruction he caused or will his journey into Adulthood end here? A positive tale disguised in the bleakness of its environment, Adulthood pushes home the moral lesson that crime doesn't pay.

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  • FAQ About Time Travel
    [dir. Gareth Carrivick, 2008 - BBC Films/ HBO]

    Shaun Of The Dead meets Back To The Future in Gareth Carrivick's debut feature Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel.

    Chris O'Dowd, Mark Wootton, Dean Lennox Kelly star as three ordinary blokes who may hold the fate of the entire world in their hands when they discover a rift in the space-time continuum in the gents' of their local pub.


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  • Boy A
    [dir. John Crowley, 2007 - Cuba Pictures]

    Boy A
    Jack is released from prison, finally, at the age of 24; having been institutionalized for most of his life. He and another boy murdered a child, when they were themselves children.

    The film follows Jack's attempts to readjust to the world outside of confinement and restart a life which never really got going.

    Under the fatherly mentor-ship of Terry his parole contact and social worker, he experiences a coming of age, which would normally have happened years ago.



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  • The Queen
    [dir. Stephen Frears, 2006 - Pathé/ Granada]

    The Queen
    The Queen is an intimate behind the scenes glimpse at the interaction between HM Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Tony Blair during their struggle, following the death of Diana, to reach a compromise between what was a private tragedy for the Royal family and the public's demand for an overt display of mourning.

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  • Mrs Henderson Presents...
    [dir. Stephen Frears, 2005 - Pathé]

    Mrs Henderson Presents...
    Set in pre-World War II London, MRS. HENDERSON PRESENTS tells the remarkable true life story of one of England's most prominent and eccentric society figures, Laura Henderson who founded the historic Windmill Theatre.

    This charming lady was aided by her equally formidable and tenacious theatre manager, Vivian Van Damm, Mrs Henderson's influence in Society enabled her to take advantage of a legal loophole which permitted the theatre to show entirely nude models on stage - provided they didn't move a muscle.

    The 'nude revue', a musical extravaganza, became a roaring success and cemented the Windmill Theatre's legendary reputation and place in history.

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  • Kinky Boots Factory
    [dir. Julian Jarrold, 2005 - Disney/Harbour Pictures]

    Kinky Boots Factory
    Julian Jarrold's film is a story about a transvestite bootmaker played by Chiwetel Ejiofor ("Dirty Pretty Things") who flees the fast life of Soho to breathe life into his friend's failing traditional shoe factory.

    This film is based on the BBC documentary series "Trouble at the Top".

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  • The Proposition
    [dir. John Hillcoat, 2005 - SureFire Films]

    The Proposition
    Set in Australia in the 1880s, the film opens in the middle of a frenzied gunfight between the police and a gang of outlaws. Charlie Burns (Guy Pearce) and his brother Mikey are captured by Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone). Together with their psychopathic brother Arthur (Danny Huston), they are wanted for a brutal crime.

    Stanley makes Charlie a seemingly impossible proposition in an attempt to bring an end to the cycle of bloody violence. Emily Watson plays Stanley’s wife Martha Stanley; John Hurt plays the bounty hunter Jellon Lamb and David Wenham plays Eden Fletcher, the powerful local landowner.

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  • Love & Hate
    [dir. Dominic Savage, 2005 - UK Film Council/BBC Films]

    Love & Hate
    Love & Hate is a modern love story set across the racial divide in a Northern town. Adam has been brought up in a home and community that fosters racial hatred. Naseema is a girl from the same town, belonging to a new generation of Asian youth who have taken up the violence offered to them as a way of reclaiming the past.

    But what Adam and Naseema really share is a secret desire to break free of their small town and its inhibitions, something they discover while working together in a DIY store.

    At first resistant, they cannot avoid their mutual attraction, and embark on a relationship which threatens to bring down their families as well as themselves.

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  • The Jacket
    [dir. John Maybury - 2005, Warner Bros]
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    After recuperating from a gunshot wound to the head, Gulf War veteran Jack Starks (ADRIEN BRODY) returns to his native Vermont suffering from amnesia.

    When he is accused of murdering a police officer and committed to a mental institution, a physician, Dr. Becker (KRIS KRISTOFFERSON), puts him on a controversial treatment regimen in which Starks is injected with experimental drugs, confined in a straight-jacket, and locked for extended periods in the body drawer of the basement morgue.

    In his drugged and disoriented state, Starks’ mind propels him into the future, where he meets Jackie (KEIRA KNIGHTLEY), and discovers that he is destined to die in four days. Together, they search for a way to save him from his fate.

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  • River King
    [dir. Nick Wiling, 2004 - Myriad]

    River King
    Abel Grey is sent to investigate the death of a boy from an exclusive local school, who is found floating in the river. Fearing scandal, the school insists it was suicide.

    But after discovering from the boy's girlfriend, Carlin, that he was being badly bullied, Abel suspects that a dangerous schoolboy initiation has gone horribly wrong and he secretly solicits the help of a sympathetic teacher...

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  • Bullet Boy
    [dir. Saul Dibb, 2004 - BBC Films]

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    Ricky is a black teenager from London's East End, a young offender who is one wrong step away from becoming another statistic in the prison system. He is surrounded by friends who have already crossed that line and the future looks bleak.

    But it is his twelve year old brother Curtis, torn between the allure of his dangerous brother and his mum's more wholesome aspirations for him, who is really in the firing line.

    A powerful and moving drama exploring the lives of young black men on the edge.

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  • The Merchant of Venice
    [dir. Mike Radford, 2004 - Sony Pictures]

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    Set in the lavish era of 16th century Venice, Shakespeare's most powerful play comes to bear in Michael Radford's THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, which follows the interlocking lives of a captivating assortment of classic Shakespearean characters.

    This adaptation of the Shakespeare play tells the story of Antonio, who goes into debt with moneylender Shylock (Al Pacino) so that his friend Bassanio can impress the object of his affection, Portia. Is the payment that Shylock is asking for justified? Can Bassanio return in time to save Antonio?

    In true Shakespearean fashion, all is not as it seems in a story wrought with morality, revenge, redemption and love.

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  • Ladies in Lavender
    [dir. Charles Dance, 2004 - Icon]

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    A gifted young Jewish violinist from Krakow, Andrea is bound for America when he is swept overboard by a fierce storm. When the Widdington sisters discover the handsome and mysterious stranger on the beach below their house, they nurse him back to health.

    However, the presence of the musically talented young man disrupts the peaceful lives of Ursula and Janet and the community in which they live.

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  • Trauma
    [dir. Marc Evans, 2004 - Myriad]

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    TRAUMA is a gripping psychological thriller with Hitchcockian twists. Waking from a coma after a car crash, Ben (Colin Firth) learns that his wife, Elisa (Naomie Harris), was killed in the accident, and his world collapses.

    He attempts to rebuild his life by getting a new job and a new apartment, but his mind starts playing tricks on him. He begins seeing his dead wife everywhere.

    His attractive neighbor, Charlotte (Mena Suvari), takes him to see a psychic (Brenda Fricker), who tells him that she senses his wife might still be alive.

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  • Piccadilly Jim
    [dir. John McKay, 2004 - Myriad]

    Piccadilly Jim
    James Crocker: young, dashing and American is having a jolly time in London, drinking, partying with unsuitable ladies and starting bar room brawls, earning him the tabloid nickname "Piccadilly Jim". That is, until his fearsome Aunt Nesta appears from New York, determined to drag him home, teach him some manners and get him a proper job. Jim has no intention of leaving until he claps eyes on Anne, Nesta’s step-niece, and he is on the way to New York quicker than you can say "double martini please barman".

    Anne has never met Jim in the flesh, though knows about his fearful reputation, so Jim pretends to be Algernon Bayliss, teetotaller and upright member of society, until he can convince Anne to fall in love with the real Jim.

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  • Intermission
    [dir. John Crowley, 2003 - BVI]

    Intermission is a raucous story of the interweaving lives and loves of small-town delinquents, shady cops, pretty good girls and very (very) bad boys. With Irish guts and grit, lives collide, preconceptions shatter and romance is tested to the extreme.

    There's the hapless romantic and his sex-starved best friend, the hotshot detective and the crook he's after, a young girl on the rebound with an older married man (not to mention his deserted wife), an ambitious TV producer, abandoned fiancée, preteen trouble-maker - all unaware of how their choices are profoundly intertwined.

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