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  • A small team of dedicated, enthusiastic and film-literate Sound Editors and Designers.

  • A bespoke sound post-production facility based on the principles of service, creativity and reliability.

  • Known for working closely with some of the most talented directors working in Britain today. From the "cutting edge": Lynne Ramsay, Saul Dibb, John Maybury, through to established auteurs such as Stephen Frears, Mike Radford and Stephen Poliakoff.

  • Equally at home working in quality television drama, innovative low-budget cinema as well as in higher-budget features. We treat all projects with the same dedication and passion.

  • Sound Supervision: bring your project to us and we will provide a complete sound post production package. We are Sound Supervisors as well as Sound Designers and editors, bring us on board early, preferably before you start shooting, and gain our creative and technical input early on.

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